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Redline was born on November 1 1970, from two guys with a passion for motorcycles. With a 6 person staff, they started the company Redline making high quality light weight motorcycle frames. It wasn't untill four years later that BMX was gaining attention with the owner's son was gaining interest. They started thinking about applying what they know about motorcycle frames into making stronger bike parts. A local bike shop challanged them saying they can't come up with a lighter and stronger BMX fork. Needless to say the challange was accepted. The first ever (according to BMX history) Tubular Chromoly Redline Fork was born from that challange. The company set sail from there gaining more and more attention in the BMX community and is still going strong today.


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We have all the styles for you to choose from racing, freestyle, street and flatland.

BMX Bikes

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Se Bicycles has created a popular retro line of BMX and Urban bikes, they mix classic old-school looks with modern-day geometry.



The Maniacc Flyer (This bike is sold, please email to see about special order)

Brand new to our lineup this year is the Maniacc Flyer, coming in hot and firing on all cylinders. Or shall we say firing on big ol’ 27.5+ tires! Built with oversized 27.5” x 3.0” Vee x SE Racing Speedster tires and with disc brakes front and rear, this bike is a straight-up maniac. Whether raising it up on the streets, ramps, dirt, or whatever you can throw in front of it, there’s no stopping the Maniacc Flyer.


Wild Man (This bike is sold please email to see about special order)

With a 19.5” top tube, the Wildman might be small but it packs a mean punch. It’s the perfect bike for a new BMXer looking to hit the trails, street, or skatepark. Built with 25-9 gearing, tapered fork legs, and extra-wide 2.3” tires, it’s ready to be put to the test.

Just In

Just in

SE Everyday (this bike is sold please see about special order)

The Everyday is the perfect bike to thrash on. It comes equipped with tapered fork legs, 3-piece cranks, mid-bottom bracket, and extra-wide 2.3” tires. Whether riding the trails, street, or park, this bike is ready to get rad. Every day.

ONLY by special order

SE Ripper


SE took a wild turn with the Ripper this year!  This radical new direction had us start from scratch with a rebuild that includes upgrades, color changes, and new parts all over. Major things to check out are the bigger seat with a super grippy top cover, the Vee Cub x SE tires, and new SE Bikes Life grips equipped with SE donuts. For the first time ever, the Ripper now comes equipped with SE Wheelie pegs and an SE Bikes Life number plate. Now let’s get out there and raise it up!

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