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E-Bike Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an E-Bike?

An E-Bike is a bicycle with an electric motor to make normal pedaling much easier. Motors are usually rear-wheel-based or crankset-based. The motors drive the bike forward based on the amount of power supplied through the pedals by the rider. Some E-Bike systems don’t need any pedalling done by the rider; they operate with a throttle like a motorcycle.

Why would anyone need an E-Bike?

Because we live in San Francisco, we understand how challenging riding a bike up and down hills can be. An E-Bike drastically reduces the effort needed to get up and over that hill to reach your destination. So instead of arriving to work exhausted and soaked in sweat you can cruise into the office refreshed and ready to start the day.

How far can E-bikes go on a single charge?

Depending on the specific bike's motor wattage and battery size, E-bikes in San Francisco range from 30- 60 miles on average. 

How long does it take to charge an E-Bike battery?

Depending on the size of your battery, a completely empty battery can take between 3.5-5 hours. The smaller the battery, the less time it takes for a full charge.

Do E-Bikes require any special way to charge their battery?

No, the power cord that comes with your purchased E-Bike system can be plugged into any normal electric outlet.

Can my current bike be converted into an E-Bike?

Yes. We love to work with our customers to convert their existing bike into a modern E-Bike. NOTE At this time we are unable to assist you with that. Please check back after Shelter in place order is lifted.

What about cargo bikes?

We can order cargo bikes with E-Bike systems already installed; these are the perfect bikes to carry your children with on the way to school or the grocery store. Children seats or large panniers can be installed incredibly easily on these bikes and the Pedal Assist system makes riding with these loads a breeze.

Is there a special licenses needed to ride an E-Bike?
No. They are allowed on the same streets and bike paths as regular non-assisted bikes. Just like normal bikes, we highly encourage everybody to wear a helmet every time they go on a ride.
What are the California Laws regarding E-Bikes?
According to California Law, E-Bikes are organized into two different classes depending on the type of motor. Class 2 bikes use a throttle and are limited to a maximum speed of 20 mph. Class 3 bikes are equipped with a proportional pedal assist system and are allowed to reach speeds of up to 28 mph.
How much upkeep to E-Bikes require?
We are trained in assembly and maintenance of the E-Bikes we sell. They require normal mechanical tune-ups. 

E-Bikes can require occasional updates, which we can perform. We are trained each year with the latest e-bike technology.

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