When your child is ready to ride some wheels, stop by Ocean Cyclery and we can show you the various options.


we will assist you find the perfect size and style for your child.


We carry a large selection of Kids Bikes year round, from Balance bikes to 24" ( by  Specialized, Raleigh and Redline). 


It is not recommended that you purchase a bike that is too large ("the Grow into it"). By doing so it can set the child back in riding skills and confidence and handling of the bike. (That's why we offer the Kids buy back program)


Also, Check out our large selection of child/infant seats for your bicycle here.

Various models and colors are avalible, see you soon!

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are a great way for young children to start learning how to ride and balance from the start.


Specialized Hotwalk

12" Wheel

A 12" is generally suited for 2-4 year old children.


Specialized Hotrock 12

16" Wheel

A 16" is generally suited for 3-5 year old children.


Specialized Hotrock 16

Specialized Riprock 16

20" Wheel

A 20" is generally suited for 5-9 year old children.

At this size some bikes can have gears. There are also bikes that are single speed or BMX


Specialized Hotrock 20

Specialized Riprock Coaster 20

24" Wheel

A 24" is the gateway to full size bikes. Generally suited for 9 years old and up.


Specialized Hotrock 24

Specialized Riprock 24


A helmet is perfect for a child on wheels, they come with different features and sizes. We will be happy to find the right helmet for you.

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