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New E-Rad E-Bike Systems

We now offer another option for E-Bike conversions: the E-Rad Mid-Drive Motor conversion kit. E-Rad is a company that has been working with and making E-Bike conversion kits for years. The E-Rad kits are mid-drive based, meaning their motors are located in the bottom bracket area, instead of inside the rear wheel (like the BionX systems).

The E-Rad systems come stock on all of the electric models of Yuba bikes. If you are interested in a Yuba E-Bike, we would love to order one and get you rolling as soon as possible.

The E-Rad systems are also available by themselves as conversion kits.

This means that we at Ocean Cyclery can convert almost any bike into a mid-drive E-bike using E-Rad. So if you're interested in converting your beloved bike into a modern E-bike, there are a plethora of options available to you.

E-Rad offers a full range of motor sizes and battery options. Come down to our shop any time and we can walk you through any questions you might have. You can also take any of our E-bikes for a test ride!

Click here for some FAQs about E-bikes!

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