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All about the 2017 Bionx RC3 Controller and DS3 Display

Just this year BionX introduced a brand new way to pilot their E-Bike Conversion Systems: the 2017 RC3 Controller and DS3 Display.

The DS3 Display is an all-new way to see information about your BionX system as you are riding your bike. The DS3 has completely customizable menus to show you exactly what you want to see. It has a full color transflective display, so the screen remains easy to read even in direct sunlight. The DS3 is operately remotely by the RC3 controller, so you never have to take your hands off the handlebars. The DS3 must be used with the new RC3 Controller.

The RC3 controller is a much sleeker and more convenient way to operate the E-Assist on your BionX kit. This new controller controls the entire bike, from adjusting the level of E-assist to turning the bicycle lights on/off. The LED indicators give information about battery charge level, the level of E-assist, the motor assist mode and the generative power mode.

The redesigned throttle makes adjusting your speed and level of pedal assist intuitive and easy to use. The controller's position on the bars means that very low effort is needed to reach the controller and control your ride. Full Speed Ahead!

The previous model of controller could only change the level of E-assist and operate the throttle and had to be used with the handlebar-mounted display unit.The new controller can be used with or without the display unit and controls every part of the system.

These two new products offer an amazing update to the BionX system, and can be retrofitted to your older BionX models.

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