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Make 2017 Electric!

E-bikes are the latest and greatest trend in the Cycling world. But as exciting as these new technologies are, they can be just confusing. Companies release new electric bikes every year and new companies pop up all the time advertising the new best model or type of E-bike.

We here at Ocean Cyclery are proud to be on the forefront of exciting frontier of E-bikes. We have been a BionX E-bike Systems dealer for more than five years now. We work directly with BionX and their excellent customer service to provide our customers with the E-bike of their dreams.

BionX is a Canadian-based E-bike company that has been designing and making electronic pedal assist systems for over ten years. The BionX system is a rear-wheel mounted motor with a lithium-ion battery and handlebar-mounted controller. BionX’s unique features allow virtually any bike to be converted in an E-bike.

Do you have a bike in your garage that you used to love riding along the Embarcadero or down the Great Highway, but nowadays can’t seem to find the motivation or fitness to get out and pedal anymore? A BionX system is the perfect way to resurrect your beloved bike and get back out on the road!

A BionX conversion offers four levels of electric pedal assist. This means you can control exactly how much the motor can help you up that hill. The level of pedal assist also determines how long a charge of the battery will last. So depending on the terrain, a single charge of the battery can last up to 80 miles. A system taken on a very hilly commute in San Francisco still has a range of around 35 to 45 miles.

Because we’re a San Francisco bike shop located at the base of Ingleside’s steep hills, we understand how necessary electric assistance can be.

BionX systems also have regenerative braking. This means that, just like your Prius, using your brakes to control your speed also charges the battery to make it last even longer. Almost everything on BionX converted bikes is adjustable and customizable. Everybody’s riding style is different, so we work with our customers to get everything working perfectly and exactly to their specifications.

We can customize a BionX kit to get the longest range out of a single charge, perfect for commuting or longer rides. Or we can go adjust the system for a more powerful riding style, suitable for riding at higher speeds or mountain-biking.

BionX systems are incredibly user-friendly and maintenance free, requiring only periodic software updates that we can download and install for no charge on our customers’ bikes.

We have a few BionX units in stock left over from 2015 that are currently on sale. These units have a two-year warranty and are brand new! Check them out on our web-site.

Come into the shop and we can order the E-bike system perfect for you. Absolutely any questions you have can be answered and we would love to talk about converting your bike into a modern E-bike. Come into the shop anytime and we would love to take you on a test ride around the historic Urbano Drive in our neighborhood!

Happy Holidays!

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