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Shop Builds: Balance MTB E-Rad Conversion

This pretty bike was a customer's that came in and wanted to give E-Bikes a try. Al was an avid motorcyclist but instead of buying a new motorcycle, Al wanted us to convert his beloved Balance rigid mountain bike into an E-Bike.

Al chose to have the E-RAD 750 watt mid-drive motor installed, powered by a 48 volt, 14 amp battery. The cranks we used are part of the E-RAD motor system, with an upgraded chainring: the brand new E-RAD Lekkie "Bling Ring." The Bling Ring is designed with a narrow-wide chain tooth profile, which virtually eliminates the chances of the chain ever falling off the chainring while riding. It also just looks plain awesome!

Al also had us build him a new custom wheelset. The rear wheel features a NuVinci Harmony N380 internally geared hub. The N380 is an incredible piece of machinery. It offers continuously variable shifting, so the hub automatically chooses the right gear to be in while you are pedaling. This paired with the E-RAD pedal assist means a worry-free and relaxing ride.

With great power comes great responsibility, so along with his new drivetrain Al needed updated braking. We installed an Avid BB7 mechanical disk brake onto his cool custom fork for greater stopping power in the front. His rear brake got an upgrade too: an Avid Single Digit 7 V-Brake.

This bike was a huge project for us, and we enjoyed working with Al to get everything just as he liked it. The E-RAD systems can be used to convert almost any bike into a sweet E-Bike, so come on into the shop if you're interested in the possibilities E-Bikes can provide.

Ride on Al!

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