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Carbo Fire


CARBOFIRE is in fact a Custom Spirit steel and carbon fibre frame. On CARBOFIRE the Tradition of craftsmanship is revived with the construction of hand cut steel lugs where the carbon fibre seat tube is held. The lugs are hand shaped in Irio’s laboratory and resemble the Tommasini logo. 

This personalization makes the frame absolutely unique and inimitable. The 2010 up grade is the carbon fibre rear triangle, Tommasini exclusive, made in Italy and named T-FLIGHT, the same assembled on the Velocista and CarboLight frames. Also, the rear aluminum replaceable drop out, are an absolute news of 2010, born from a personal patent of Irio and conferring more exclusivity to the frame.

The head tube is obviously for integrated system hidden-set, personalized with Tommasini engraved name. Steel and carbon fibre represent the ideal combination of comfort and top sprinting performances. CARBOFIRE ’08 is excellent for racers who attend long competitions as Granfondo, but at the same time is perfect for bike enthusiasts that like to ride for long distances, and not at last, to the bike lovers who well recognize the quality of the hand work on the frame, and who have already demonstrated this great approval.

Fire Gravel


The GRAVEL bike is the main news of the new Tommasini collection, a kind of bike that derives from the Cyclo-cross style but it is understood for a more flexible use such as an everyday ride, or a country road trail or even for many hours daily journey.


The GRAVEL world satisfies transversely different targets of riders, starting from who likes to rides the bike for many hours safely and with disc brakes to who wants to use it in the city centre bumpy or paved roads to reach work place. Furthermore, it is suitable to who wants to enjoy Sunday or holiday journeys on country-roads without carrying the weight of a MTB.

Consequently, the Tommasini Factory offers this bike concept in different ways, intent with more aggressive geometry for Cyclo-Cross, or with relaxed geometry for non-competitive use, as well as with disc brakes but also with caliper or canti-lever brakes, too
Finally, the kind of frame for the city equipped with rear rack to be able to carry bags to go to work.


Fire Spirit


The latest evolution of the FIRE frame we proudly re-introduce after much previous success, now has an integrated headset. The Tommasini Fire is built with Columbus Heat Treated THERMACROM CUSTOM SPIRIT tubing. The special section of the down tube has been strengthen, enlarging it to 38mm., to prevent stress deriving from the use of a extremely lightweight and thin tubing.

The tubing shape choice applied on Spirit tubing derives from the technical need to preserve stiffness eliminating negative road vibrations reducing the risk of cracks of lightweight tubings. The frame is tig welded with an exception only: the personalized seat lug. This along with the special bottom bracket shell, the original rear dropouts and the “bell shape” steat stays make the rear triangle properly stiff. The frame is built according to an exclusive geometry designed by Irio Tommasini. It is completely chromed, or as a second choice, all “cataforesi” treated, good for extremely thin tubings because it deeply protects them from rust. Maximum attention to detail: an example are the STI bosses (with adjusting screws included) brazed onto the head tube and the engraved enamelled head tube metal badge.



Frame is constructed with Columbus Nemo Nivacrom steel tubing, personalized microfusion lugs and dropouts. Classic, very light and stiff frame. Great for riders that like sophisticated handfiled lugs and extreme attention to accuracy that blend to form a frame and fork noted for its great comfort and quality. Maximum attention to detail and exclusive geometry designed by Irio Tommasini put this frame in a class of its own. The head tube has a metal badge that has been engraved and enameled. Chrome rear triangle, head lugs, fork and front derailleur hanger.

Sintesi (fixed)


Columbus Neuron tubing in Nivacrom steel. It is the classic frame build with new tubing material (standard diameter tubing). Original microfusion personalized lugs and fork crown that when combined with chrome fork, head lugs and rear triangle represents the elegance associated with traditional italian hand built works of art. While traditional in appearance it is light and responsive and a worthwhile extension into what is "new".



Lighter, stiffer, better performing, very strong, no problems of corrosion or rust, so we have joined all prerogatives in the way we can satisfy any of our fans’ need! The ride is exceptional, this bike gives more comfort than most others, and it's still very rigid. It is as light as any modern bike, but the ride is a way more comfortable and you will go faster because you will conserve energy for your pedaling more than consume it in coping with an aching back and shoulders.

Furthermore, the challenge has been launched with the style of ever of Tommasini, and therefore not classic oversize tubings but… exclusively custom shaped; not few standard sizes but… custom geometry! Polished or satin finishing to improve the look of stainless steel, embellished with a little colour in Vintage style to make it appetizing to the most sophisticated tastes.


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