Carbo Light


CARBOLIGHT is constructed with XLR8R custom tubing, personalized by the bell shape section that Irio Tommasini designed for the top line of his frames.
The 2008 up grade is the carbon fibre rear triangle, Tommasini exclusive, made in Italy and named T-FLIGHT, the same assembled on the Velocista and CarboLight frames.
Also, the rear aluminum replaceable drop out, are an absolute news of 2008, born from a personal patent of Irio and conferring more exclusivity to the frame.
The heat treatment is obligatory on aluminum parts and it is therefore strictly respected in order to obtain a safe and resistant frameset.
The “cataforesi” treatment, instead, is a Company choice that is worries to preserve the frame from oxidation.

The assembly of the two materials, aluminum and carbon fibre, is made with the maximum care, and accordingly with the best Tommasini tradition, carbon tubes are mitered to realize the “perfect joint” that grants resistance to road shocks. The assembly needs many hours of consolidation that is completely respected.


Aluminum Series





The lightest Custom Tommasini frame available, weights just a little more than 1kg. and is built with COLUMBUS CUSTOM BELL MULTISHAPED AIRPLANE tubing, designed by Irio Tommasini and exclusively produced for him by Columbus. The tubing "Bell Shape" has been studied to resist all vertical and horizontal tensions and does not overstress the tubes themselves.
The head tube, with the integrated a-head head set, is named "clepsydra" for its smooth and rounded design. The "bell shape" rear seat stays and chain stays have been studied to greatly improve rear triangle stiffness and confer an aggressive looking to the frame, making it perfect for the extreme racing performances.

The Tig welding is done with visable beads to renforce the frame. The production progress, with the after welding pause and the heat treatment, is obligatory for lightweight tubing and striclty respected in order to restabilish the tubing natural characteristics with the result of a much stronger frame.

Personalized carbon fiber forks available. Approx weight for 55 measure kg 1.150 (2.535 lbs).


Racing Zonal


Frame constructed with ZONAL from COLUMBUS aluminum tubing, realized by adopting different shaped sections.

Maximum attention to detail (as it is standard an all our top quality frames). Thron unicrown fork.
STI/ergopower shifting bosses brazed on the head tube. Two colour painting with many combinations.

The frame utilizes an exclusive geometry designed by Irio Tommasini.
A super frame with Tommasini quality at a competitive price! Carbon fiber personalized forks available with an extra charge.

The 55 cm. frame (painted) weight approx. 1.440 kg (3.174 lbs).

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