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Kids Bikes Buyback Program

Riding a BMX bike at McLaren Bike Park

We know how fast kids grow up and outgrow their bike; that’s why we at Ocean Cyclery created the Kids Bike Buy-Back Program, when you buy a new Kids’ bike from Ocean Cyclery; we'll take that bike back as a trade-in, for up to 3 years.

Bring in the bike that your child has outgrown, during time of purchase and we'll give you up to 30% of the old bike's original purchase price as store credit towards the purchase of a new bike.

About the Program

  • Applies to bike purchases made at Ocean Cyclery after January 1st 2009.

  • The kids’ bike buy-back program applies to 12", 16", 20" and 24" kids models. Some BMX bikes can be part of this program as well.

  • The kids’ bike buy-back program will be honored when the bicycle is accompanied by the original receipt as a proof of purchase.

  • Bikes must be returned with all original equipment (i.e. training wheels) and be in good working condition.

  • The kids buy bike program will not be honored after 3 years of original purchase.

Terms and conditions:

Ready set go, kids at the start of a bicycle race
Children at a kids Bicycle Race
A group of children on Kids Bikes
  • 30% when the bike is exchanged within 1 year from date of purchase (see notes below).

  • 20% when the bike is exchanged within 2 years from date of purchase (see notes below).

  • 10% when the bike is exchanged within 3 years from date of purchase (see notes below).

Book a Buyback Now

Ocean Cyclery’s percentage break downs:

When your child is ready to ride some wheels, stop by Ocean Cyclery and we can show you the various options.

We will assist you find the perfect size and style for your child and assist them to become lifelong cyclists.

We carry a large selection of Kids Bikes year round, from Balance bikes to 24" ( by  Specialized, Fuji and SE).

It is not recommended that you purchase a bike that is too large ("the Grow into it"). By doing so it can set the child back in riding skills and confidence and handling of the bike. (That's why we offer the Kids buy back program)

We can also advise you on family biking.

Stop by to check out our large selection of kids bikes;

Balance/ 16 inch / 20 inch/ 24 inch bikes as well as BMX models in stock

Are you ready for some wheels?

Child wearing a helmet on a bicycle
bike pedal

Trade-ins must pass our inspection. It is up to Ocean Cyclery to determine if the bike qualifies for the buy-back program and they assign the percentage on the trade-in.​

Additional Notes

Bicycle wheel
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