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All about BMX Bikes!

With the grand opening of the Mclaren Park Bike Park and Pump Track, we are getting more and more questions about BMX bikes.

When looking at our large selection of BMX bikes, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choices and options. What are the differences between all the models of BMX bikes? Why are the wheels so small? Should I ride a 20 or 24 inch wheels?

We at Ocean Cyclery are of course happy to answer any questions you might have about BMX!

There are three primary types of BMX bikes: a race-type, a street/bike park-type, and a cruiser-type.

Race bikes typically have the skinniest tires of the three, and are designed to be raced and ridden on BMX specific courses. These bikes are lightweight and nimble. They typically have a powerful V-brake and a bigger gear ratio to reach faster speeds. They come in both 20" and 24" wheels. The Redline Flight Pro, Redline Roam and SE Ripper is a perfect example of a race BMX.

Street BMX bikes are built of strong steel and feature massive tires. They are designed to withstand the rigors of a session at bike/skate park and are strong enough to withstand jumps and hard landings. These bikes often are ridden up ramps and pump tracks and jumped in massive trick combinations. They will usually have a traditional BMX U-brake and pegs to slide down rails on. Bikes like the SE Everyday, the We The People Nova, and Redline DSP Rival are all super fun to ride at the bike park. All the Redline DSP models like the Asset, Rival, Romp and Recon are designed for "Dirt, Street and Parks."

Cruiser BMX bikes are becoming more common these days. Bikes like the SE Big Ripper and Floval Flyer are cruiser-type BMX bikes. These bikes have less aggressive geometry and are more comfortable to just ride and roam around on. These bikes typically have a larger frame and larger 24" wheels that fit larger riders. These bikes are still fully capable of ripping around a bike park!

If you've been looking for a new bike and want to give BMX a try, come down to Ocean Cyclery!

We have all three kinds of BMX types available in stock and many different models and sizes to fit your riding style.

BMX bikes are loads of fun, no matter the age or size of the rider. Anybody can give them a try, and the newly opened Mclaren Bike Park is sure to get more people on BMX bikes!

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