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Bike Trainer installation as a way to continue your indoor cycling

Part 1 of the video Jeff is demonstrating how to take the rear Quick release of the road bike. Describe the difference between the existing QR and the one used on the trainer.

The second part of the video Jeff is demonstrating the actual installation of the rear wheel on the trainer.

Rain or shine you can ride. Trainers can be used for winter training or as a year around way of a work out.

There are several options for indoor training/ Rollers/ Stand trainers and the stationary bike.

You place your bike on the rollers and start riding, this will have a learning curve and pratice.

With the trainers that we show in the video, you place your rear wheel in the device. There are several types and models to choose from,

Magnetic trainers can feel sluggish and are more noisy but are more affordable

Fluid trainers are more quieter and produce a more realistic pedaling resistance.

We used the Saris Fluid trainer.

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