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Fuji Restoration

Wanted to share our recent restoration bike.

This is an original Mount Fuji Bike made in Japan.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful front brake, this is a restored roller cam brake designed by Cunningham.

We were able to get the bicycle back to excellent riding condition.

This original Mountain bike from the 80 is a bit of a mixture with 90's handle bars.

The front and rear rebuild wheel with DT spokes and Suntour XC steel bearing hub.

Charlie Cunningham first began building bikes in 1977. He used oversized aluminum tubing with a thin wall chromoly fork and magnesium stem. It weighed 24.5 pounds.

The roller cam is one of the bicycle parts that Cunningham invented or helped pioneer

“The mountain bike experience in its purest sense happens when the bike is working in perfect harmony with the rider and the terrain. This experience in its many forms is what so many people in today’s world need so much and what I hope to contribute in some small way" Quote by Charlie Cunningham

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