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Schwinn Restoration Project

Updated: Jul 7

We have started an amazing project a Schwinn Cruiser restoration project.

Many of you know of the name Schwinn, many of you had a Schwinn as your first bike.

The company was founded by Ignaz Schwinn (1860-1948) in Chicago in 1895. It became one of the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles.

The bike came to us mostly complete with the frame, front fork, chain guard, rims, handle bar, crank, chain ring (with the heart shaped design), crank arm, bottom bracket stem, seat post and various nuts and bolts.

The bike is a one speed and has a coaster brake. It is so old it even uses a skip-tooth-chain.

Amazingly the hub bearings and races still look great after approx. 84 years. And an extra bonus the original 26" rims take ready available cruiser, slick or Mountain bike tires. So you have several options. There are several companies that are making the retro look for saddles and grips and other accessories.

Our Customer wanted to restore this vintage cruiser. We believe this is an original Schwinn Detroit cruiser bike form the 1940.

As you can see this is a very loved bike with lots of wear and tear and a great find. The frame is made of steel and it shows that this bike is very durable. This bike has had many miles on it and we have taken all the components off and are hoping to use most of the original parts.

We are going have every part on this bike media blasted to get rid of the rust and then power coated. The customer has already chosen a color.

The chain guard has the original logo on it and the Chicago location on it.

We are very excited to work with the customer to custom paint and re-assemble all original bicycle components, it even has the original Schwinn head badge.

Below you can see how the bike started out.

This is an ongoing project so keep checking back for an update......

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