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SOMA Smoothie


Look what a bike can do. Besides selling complete bikes we also do custom bike build. We carry a variety of Frames.

This is one of our custom SOMA frame bike builds.

The customers bike was unfortunately stolen and he wanted another steel bike.

The SOMA model is called Smoothie, the color is Baja Blue.

It is made out of chromoly.

Chromoly steel is a type of low-alloy steel which is stronger and more durable, weight for weight, than mild carbon steel. The name is derived from the two major alloying elements contained – chromium and molybdenum.

With the additional components the customer got it assembled within his budget and preferred set up of parts and accessories.

The bike has been ridden for many miles on the hills of San Francisco

(at this time the Baja blue is no longer available it now comes in candy red)

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