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Spring is here,

We are fully stocked with kids bikes.

The new model of Specialized, the Jett Bicycle.

A very light weight bicycle, it comes in a rainbow of colors.

These bikes will also be part of our kids bicycle buy back program.

The Jett is designed so that you’ll never fear the growth spurts. We did our homework to understand how kids grow—spoiler alert, kids’ arms and legs grow more rapidly than their torso. Specialized designed a bike with child-specific touch points that withstand the development of young riders. The Jett is uniquely adjustable, perfectly proportional. We have noticed the great fit when it comes to the Specialized kids designed bicycles.

The Jett Single Speed features an adjustable handlebar that allows kids to fine tune reach as their arms grow. It is very common now to have handbrakes on both the 16” and 20”. (the24" bikes always had handbrakes) The Specialized Jett is one of the lightest bikes on the market.

How to choose the right size bike

Jet 16 Bicycle 37"-48"

Jet 20 Bicycle 40"-50"

Jett 24 Bicycle 44"-62"

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