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With all the recent rain, this is a great time to clean and lube your bicycle chain

Updated: May 14

Check out a quick tutorial on how to lube your bicycle chain.

We recommend to lube your chain regular.

Many people think the more oil you put on your chain the better it is, which is not true.

Too much oil will fly off and get onto your break pads/ and brake disc as well as collecting way to much dirt and grime on your chain.

When you get a new bike there is a thin layer of lube on the chain already.

After some riding we recommend that you start your chain maintenance routine.

All you need is a rag and chain lube. (in the video we use Wd40 Bike chain lube).

Any chain lube works!

First wipe off all the grime and dirt.

Then apply a few drops between the chain links while spinning the pedals backwards.

Then pedal backward while holding the rag along the bottom row of the chain.

And repeat the step.

A chain last about 1000 miles.

Before it has to be replaced to prevent the wearing out of the cassette and chain wheels.

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